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Mar 22, 2009


Boeing Research and Technology Australia (formerly Phantom Works Australia) and the Australian Research Centre for Aerospace Automation (ARCAA) are undertaking a series of tests over the next month aimed at helping integrate unmanned air vehicles into busy airspace. Working under Australia's A$10 million ($6.9 million), three-year Smart Skies research project, Boeing and ARCAA are investigating technologies including computer vision that could allow UAVs to see and avoid obstacles, including other aircraft. Mar 20, 2009


The U.S. State Department has given the green light to a $2.13 billion USD deal between Boeing Co. and India for eight maritime patrol aircraft, according to a notification sent by the department to Congress last week. The Indian navy will be Boeing[sup.1]s first international customer for the P-8 aircraft, a long-range reconnaissance and antisubmarine warfare defense system, the company said. The aircraft is based on Boeing's commercial 737 airframe, the State Department said in its description of the transaction. India earlier purchased $1 billion USD of C-130J tactical airlifter planes from Lockheed Martin Corp., and approval of the deal with Boeing was expected. Mar 17, 2009


President Barack Obama[sup.1] administration has cleared a $2.1 billion USD sale to India of eight Boeing Co P-8I maritime patrol aircraft, the largest U.S. arms transfer to India to date. The State Department said in a March 12 notice to the U.S. Congress that it would license the direct commercial sale having factored in [sup.3]political, military, economic, human rights and arms control considerations.[sup.2] The Indian navy was the first international customer for the P-8, a long-range maritime reconnaissance and anti-submarine warfare aircraft. Mar 16, 2009


Australian technology company Entecho is believed to have signed memoranda of understanding with a number of major defence companies on further development of its Mupod unmanned air vehicle. For a number of years Perth-based Entecho has been developing manned and unmanned ducted fan vertical take-off and landing technology. The Mupod is a small UAV, measuring 600mm (23in) in diameter and weighing 5kg (11lb). The UAV made its first flight last May and has successfully demonstrated its ability to fly in urban airspace, including hovering near surfaces, perching on buildings, and bumping into obstacles and recovering. Director and founder Kim Schlunke...

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