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New York (AirGuideBusiness - Aerospace & Defense News - Defense Asia / Pacific) Jul 11, 2010

Operation enduring war The United States accepts a persistent state of war in fear of appearing weak, while the detachment of modern warfare has fed a militarization of American society. As difficult to contain as an oil spill, the US's enduring fascination with war can only end with a rejection of the idea that it is seductive, along with an end to the constant doomsday scenarios. Jul 9, 2010

China flexes its naval muscle China's annual naval exercises in the East China Sea always rattle the United States but this year they contained an extra sting. With a US aircraft carrier set for deployment in joint exercises with South Korea, speculation was rife that China would test so-called carrier-killer missiles off the north coast of Taiwan. Jul 8, 2010

ChinaOs Cummunist Army and Navy focuses on 'far sea defense' The Chinese People's Liberation Army's modernization plans are in full swing, with signs emerging that the leaders are departing from their long-held emphasis on the army in favor of the air force and the navy. By enhancing the role of these two services, China could extend its power projection capability into the Pacific, while reducing the size of its total military force. Jul 8, 2010

Al-Qaeda's new man eyes Pakistan Al-Qaeda's latest number three and chief of Afghan operations, Egyptian Sheikh Fateh al-Misri, is new to the group, although he has spent the past years earning a formidable reputation fighting in Afghanistan. His focus will now also be on Pakistan, where last week's suicide attacks on a Sufi shrine have opened opportunities. Jul 7, 2010

Afghan probe excluded key witnesses Eyewitnesses who saw US troops digging bullets out of the bodies of two Afghan mothers and a teenage girl after a botched Special Operation Forces raid in February were not interviewed in a follow-up investigation ordered by General Stanley McChrystal. Jul 7, 2010

Alenia Aeronautica Singapore is about to announce that it has shortlisted the Alenia Aermacchi M-346 for its advanced jet trainer requirement, after eliminating the Korea Aerospace Industries/Lockheed Martin T-50 from the competition. "The South Koreans have been informed that the T-50 is no longer in contention, even though Singapore has not yet signed a contract with Aermacchi," says an...

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