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New York (AirGuideBusiness - Aerospace & Defense News - Defense Asia / Pacific) Jul 4, 2010

China smarts at US slap China's reaction to United States President Barack Obama's blunt accusation of "willful blindness" in its relations with North Korea shows Beijing wants acknowledgement for its essential role in moderating tensions in the Korean Peninsula, even as - to spare Pyongyang's blushes - it tries to hide revisions to the official line on how war started 60 years ago. Jul 2, 2010

'Surge' smoke follows Petraeus to Afpak As General David Petraeus, the mainstream US media's new armored Messiah, takes command in Afghanistan, the myth of his "successful surge" in Iraq could not but linger. Anyone who buys the Pentagon's spin and believes the same conquest will happen in the Pashtun south and southeast of Afghanistan must have smoked Hindu Kush's finest. Jul 2, 2010

US mum on China-Pakistan nuke deal Although China's proposed sale of two nuclear reactors to Pakistan would theoretically violate the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, the United States has yet to voice its opposition. Among the reasons for WashingtonOs silence is a need to maintain good relations with both parties involved in the sale. Jul 2, 2010

China denies military exercise aimed at U.S. China denied on Tuesday media reports that an artillery drill in the East China Sea was in response to a planned military exercise between South Korea and the United States. The 6-day, live ammunition exercise starting on Wednesday in the East China Sea off China's coast was seen by some analysts as a "response to a joint exercise between the United States and Republic of Korea navies in the Yellow Sea," said the China Daily, the country's official English-language newspaper. A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman, Qin Gang, said there was no such link and a Chinese military officer said the timing was coincidental. Jun 29, 2010

Deception and denials in Myanmar After North Korea joined Myanmar in denying an investigative report's findings of collaboration on developing nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles for the Southeast Asian regime, the international community is now weighing up the evidence that both governments went to great lengths to conceal. Myanmar's generals could soon face United Nations-imposed sanctions for their military dealings with North Korea. Jun 29, 2010

Petraeus circles two camps With General Stanley McChrystal out of the picture in Afghanistan, pressure is growing on...

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