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Jan 11, 2009

Heavy air strikes performed by the Israeli air force on Hamas targets in the Gaza strip have again proved that air power has very defined limits when employed against a ground-based enemy. Launched on 27 December, Israel's surprise attack - dubbed Operation "Cast Lead" - was based on an extensive "target bank" that had been compiled over several months using a variety of intelligence-gathering assets. The Israeli air force's unmanned air vehicles, which have been used extensively over Gaza in recent years, also played a major role by locating launchers used by Hamas personnel to fire home-made Kassam rockets and 122mm Grad rockets towards Israeli towns and cities up to 40km (22nm) away. Jan 6, 2009

Sikorsky Aircraft

The Israeli air force's first upgraded Sikorsky CH-53 2025 assault helicopter has begun flight-testing with the service's "Night Leaders" squadron. Work to modify the CH-53 "Yasur" with 20 new systems was completed at the air force's 22...

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