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New York (AirGuideBusiness - Aerospace & Defense News - Defense Africa / Middle East) Feb 22, 2010

Long-endurance surveillance aircraft gets boost from Mideast wars. Tethered "spy blimps" used successfully in Iraq and Afghanistan have fueled the Army's desire for an intelligence-gathering airship capable of flying on its own, remaining airborne for three weeks and taking pictures 173 miles away. Backers of the airship, known officially as a Long Endurance Multi-Intelligence Vehicle, envision a five-year development program, and 51 bidders are currently in the running for a piece of the project. Feb 17, 2010

Selex Galileo

Selex Galileo has put on hold an enhanced version of its Falco unmanned air vehicle, called the Evolution (Evo). It is focusing instead on an all-weather imaging, communications and signals intelligence-capable variant that is designed for African, Asian and Middle Eastern customers. In 2009 Selex conducted a Falco demonstration flight in...

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