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Dec 6, 2009

The Israeli government is to buy an aircraft that will serve the prime minister and senior government officials during official trips. In the past, such flights were performed by an Israeli air force Boeing 707, but most recently the government has chartered aircraft for short journeys and used an Israeli airlines-owed type for long-haul flights. A decision on the type has yet to be made, but an official source says the government is likely to buy a used aircraft and convert it into VIP configuration. Dec 3, 2009

Elbit Systems

Israel-based electronics and weapons maker Elbit Systems has unveiled a new laser-guided rocket that is under review by military helicopter operators in Israel and the USA. The Star system adapts the 2.75in (70mm) Hydra rocket with a semi-active laser in the nose using technology derived from Elbit's Lizard precision guided weapon kits, says Benjamin Weiser, Elbit's senior director of business development for helicopter upgrades. The weapon has been test fired so far from one of Israel's armed Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawks. Elbit also recently demonstrated the Star to the US Army with an in-flight firing test, but Weiser declines to name the aircraft used. Dec 1, 2009


Israeli missile developer Rafael has confirmed that the ground-based Stunner interceptor is the focus of internal deliberations to possibly become the firm's next-generation air-to-air missile. Rafael and Raytheon are developing the hit-to-kill Stunner as part of the David's Sling air and missile defence system for the Israeli defence forces. The Stunner's rise has coincided with Rafael's internal deliberations on what should become the successor to its Python 5 short- and Derby medium-range air-to-air missiles. Although the Stunner is planned as a ground-based system, the interceptor is adaptable as an air-launched weapon. Nov 30, 2009

Sikorsky Aircraft

Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. today celebrated the formal delivery of a UH-60M BLACK HAWK helicopter to the Defense Forces of Bahrain. It is the first of nine aircraft that will ultimately be delivered. Sikorsky is a subsidiary of United Technologies Corp. The delivery also marks the beginning of the...

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