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New York, Geneva (AirGuideBusiness - Aerospace & Defense News - Defense Africa / Middle East) Jun 27, 2010

Marching for the military As next year's deadline to begin US troop withdrawals from Afghanistan approaches, questions about the legitimacy of joint military/think-tank policy campaigns will resurface, given their expected attempts to delay this exit. It is a growing trend that raises issues about the appropriate role of the military in promoting its policies. Jun 22, 2010

Core concerns spark Iran reaction Iran this week revealed it had banned two inspectors for producing an "untruthful" assessment of its nuclear activities. The International Atomic Energy Agency stands by its report. But as the US puts the finishing touches to a "powerful package" of sanctions, the shape of reactions to what Iran sees as illegal international curbs is beginning to emerge. Jun 22, 2010

Military contractors retreat, counter-attack As the boss of a United States firm that provides security in Iraq skipped testimony over "several hundred" Sierra Leonian guards sent to Baghdad without proper clearance, Xe was awarded big new contracts in Afghanistan. Critics lament contractors are taking on an "inherently governmental" role in war zones, but the military claims a lack of resources makes them indispensable. Jun 22, 2010

Turkey has frozen all purchasing of Israeli-made weapons Turkey has frozen all negotiations on purchasing more Israeli-made unmanned air vehicles, but its current contract for the supply of Israel Aerospace Industries Heron systems will be completed, say sources close to deal...

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