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Aug 20, 2007

Pentagon scrounging for funds for ORS military satellite fleet. Officials at the Defense Department say they know what the Operationally Responsive Space satellite fleet should look like when it's complete, but finding the funds to get there is problematic. Aug 17, 2007

Astronauts prepare for possible tile repair. NASA told the crew of Endeavour to prepare for a possible repair of the shuttle's gouged thermal tiles, although a final decision about whether to go forward with the work has not yet been made. The repair would add a fifth spacewalk to the mission and involve procedures that have never been tested in space. Aug 16, 2007

More federal, local agencies to get access to spy-satellite data. A decision by Director of National Intelligence Michael McConnell will allow more federal and local officials to have access to information from U.S. spy satellites. Next year, officials will examine how satellites can help federal and local agencies enforce criminal and civil law. Aug 15, 2007

NASA will decide today on shuttle repair. NASA managers are "cautiously optimistic" that Endeavour could re-enter the Earth's atmosphere with a 3.5-inch gouge on its heat shield. They will decide today whether to send spacewalkers out to fix the gouge. Even with the gouge, the aluminum structure underneath would not exceed the 350-degree Fahrenheit safety limit, managers said. Aug 15, 2007

Gouge in shuttle's thermal tile larger than expected. The crew of Endeavour used a camera mounted on a robotic arm to take a closer look at a gouge in the spacecraft's protective tile. The inspection revealed a 3-inch gouge that penetrates to the shuttle's skin. NASA engineers are still determining whether the damage needs to be repaired before the orbiter returns to Earth. Aug 14, 2007

NASA officials are waiting for the results of tests to be performed on the ground before deciding whether in-flight repairs to Endeavour's thermal tiles will be necessary. Engineers working from detailed photographs will create similarly damaged tiles and subject them to high temperatures to determine if re-entry can be safely accomplished without repairs. Aug 14, 2007

Navy awards contracts worth $86.6 million to Alion. Alion Science and Technology has landed three contracts to provide the Navy with training, computer simulations and computer network support services. Combined, the three contracts are worth $86.6 million. Aug 14, 2007

Alliant Techsystems lands $1.8 billion NASA...

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