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Aug 13, 2007

Canada plans $57 million Arctic naval station. Canada will soon announce plans for a deepwater docking facility and military base in the far northern region of the country. The plans include a $57 million adaptation of an abandoned mine at the northern tip of Baffin Island into a naval station. A separate army base will be located in Resolute, Nunuvut. Aug 10, 2007

Shuttle mission under way, ISS docking expected today. The shuttle Endeavour is set to dock with the International Space Station today. NASA hopes the shuttle, equipped with new power transfer technology, will stay docked a record 10 days. Aug 10, 2007

NASA picks up the pace for shuttle missions. NASA has five shuttle missions planned between August and the end of April 2008, including this month's Endeavour launch, as it rushes to finish the International Space Station before the orbiters are retired in 2010. Aug 8, 2007

Extensive overhaul makes Endeavour "like new". The space shuttle Endeavour has a new cockpit, modern satellite navigation gear, advanced main engine sensors and a power system that will allow it an extended stay at the International Space Station. More than 150 miles of wiring have been inspected, 13,156 safety checks made and 194 modifications carried out since it was sidelined. "It's like a new space shuttle. It's been completely inspected from stem to stern," said NASA shuttle program manager Wayne Hale. Aug 7, 2007

Future Combat Systems and WIN-T showcase rapid technology growth. Government customers want new technology today, not two years from now. Industry experts say it can be done if contractors use commercial gear that can be adapted for new purposes, bringing the product to market in weeks rather than in months. Aug 7, 2007

Endeavour begins launch countdown. NASA has begun a countdown to Endeavour's planned Wednesday launch. The agency said that a leak in the shuttle's crew cabin has been located and repaired. Endeavor crew member Barbara Morgan will be NASA's first educator-astronaut to go into space. She was the backup for teacher Christa McAuliffe, who died aboard the Challenger in 1986. Aug 6, 2007

House approves $460B defense bill, includes extra submarine funds. The House passed a $460 billion defense spending plan Sunday by a 393-13 vote. The bill includes $588 million to boost production of Virginia-class nuclear submarines from one per year to two, as well as funds for a 3.5% pay hike for servicemen. Aug 6, 2007

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