Through the 2008 election season and the lame-duck session that followed, LWVUS President Mary Wilson, the LWVUS Advocacy staff and the Lobby Corps continued to work on the priorities for the 110th Congress set by the LWVUS Board.

On election administration, prior to Election Day, President Mary Wilson urged Americans to vote and called upon politicians, advocates and the media to halt partisan practices and work to encourage voter participation. Also, before Election Day, the League joined coalition partners to urge Pedro Cortes, president of the National Association of Secretaries of State, to call on members of his organization to release public statements informing poll workers and the public that people facing foreclosure on their homes retain their right to vote. In another letter, the League and other groups called on Attorney General Michael Mukasey and the U.S. Department of Justice to ensure the rights of minority voters, particularly with regard to discrimination and intimidation at the polls.

Just after Election Day, the League cosponsored a Veterans Day rally to call attention to the fight for DC Voting Rights. The event was organized by DC Vote and was a huge success. DC soldiers, veterans, local elected officials and community leaders were in attendance.

Following the completion of election season, the League took immediate action in the areas of lobbying and ethics reform and campaign finance reform. The League worked with coalition partners to announce the Government Integrity Reform Agenda for the 111th Congress. The focus of this agenda is repairing the presidential public financing system and creating a new public financing system for congressional races. The goal of the reforms is to reduce the influence of money over...

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