Real Media helps advertisers reach targeted Latin audiences.

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By linking Latin American-based web sites into a strong regional advertiser network, Real Media assists North American companies and agencies in reaching highly targeted audiences. Currently, Real Media's Latin American Portal Network generates 540 million monthly page views -- significantly more than any of its competitors.

"Marketing to Latin America is undergoing a tremendous transformation," says Greg Gendron, the Miami-based managing director of Real Media Latin America. "The Internet has created new opportunities to reach a very attractive audience that is in the upper echelon with regard to education and financial resources."

As a leading Internet advertising company and advertising server software developer, Real Media offers national and international marketers the power of local online advertising on a global basis.

"The Latin American web sites represented by Real Media are the largest and best-known web sites in their respective countries," says Gendron.

The Real Media Latin American Networks consist of the leading Internet newspapers and magazines in each local Latin American market, such as El Tiempo (Colombia), El Universal (Venezuela) El Mercurio (Chile) and Clarin (Argentina). Other participants include Ciudad Internet (Argentina), UOL (Brazil), and Infosel, and Mexico Web Guide (Mexico). New web sites are being added to the network as they are launched.

"These sites are highly trusted sources of news and information that have evolved from the print product," says Gendron. "Many Latin Americans have a special affection for these publications."

Although, a large number of new portals have opened in the past year to reach Latin Internet users, the sites represented by Real Media remain the most trusted --and most visited -- sites in the region, according to Gendron. "These are the most important brands on the Internet, and the traffic numbers on these web sites back that up."

Real Media Latin America has signed Miami-based Charney/Palacios & Co., the leading Latin American rep firm for print advertising, to help introduce advertisers to the Real Media Network. Already, Dell Computers is running a...

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