Advent Windows.

Author:Murphy, Kevin Andrew

Advent Windows Holy Holle, Mother Winter, Shakes her eider till it flutters, Till the ticking frees its feathers, Drifting, shifting into snowflakes, Soft as swansdown, slowly falling, Blanketing the world in whiteness. Robed in furs of spotless whiteness, Rapt, the Snow Queen watches winter. Glacial ice, her mirror, falling, Shatters into shards: each flutters Through the air; her splintered snowflakes Fly, all fletched with freezing feathers. Fairies paint the panes with feathers, Frost the frames with hoary whiteness, Limn the pines and posts with snowflakes, Weave the world the gown of Winter, Fragile lace, its frills and flutters Fixed, all frozen water falling. Ghosts of past and present falling In with future float like feathers Round the miser; each one flutters Trailing winding-sheets whose...

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