Advanced Customer Service: Real-time Passenger Feedback.


Airlines and airports are occupied with tech devices to increase the quality of customer service as the days go by. One of the prevailing reasons for tech use today is to have real time feedback from passengers. Over the last years, many airlines implemented this kind of apps&methods and published results of customer survey on their websites. Let's have a look at 4 good examples of receiving real-time feedback.

''Rate My Flight'' by Ryanair

Last year, Ryanair implemented ''Rate My Flight'' feature to its mobile app that enables passengers to give real-time feedback under five categories containing food&drink range, service onboard, crew friendliness, boarding and overall experience. Passengers are allowed to give points for these categories ranging from ''Ok''(1 star) to ''Excellent''(5 stars). Results are updated on Ryanair's website quarterly and the latest results updated are covering January, February and March 2017, including the data of some 300.000 passengers. Crew friendliness is the winner category with 95 percent positive ratings, and service onboard was second at 93 percent. The feature is currently available in 8 languages including English, Dutch, French, Polish, Italian, German, Greek and Spanish.

Instant Assistance from Srilankan Airlines

Srilankan Airlines provide real-time feedback survey through its mobile app, check-in counters and in-flight entertainment system. Staff can be aware of the current mood of passengers thanks to the dashboard demonstrating every passenger's rate and they provide assistance according to passenger needs immediately. The data is updated in every two hours and later saved and divided into categories to cope with possibly new and different problems which result in more of personalized service in the future. Currently, surveys are available in 5 languages including English, Sinhala, Tamil, Japanese and Chinese.

Master of Digital Campaigns: KLM

Since KLM is well-known airline company also on the digital side, it is not very surprising that they are providing a rating system for their passengers at the airport. It is very simple system that has rating options as ''thumbs up'' and ''thumbs down'' and passengers are allowed to rate the service in 4 categories: check-in, lounge, boarding, arrival. Being able to rate subcategories as ''Drop of desk'' and writing a comment subsequently is making the system smoother and help...

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