Adrienne Harris.

Date24 January 2022
AuthorAcunto, Steve

Insurance Advocate and its readers welcome Adrienne Harris to the post of New York Superintendent of Financial Services. Ms. Harris, whose years might imply otherwise, is rather a seasoned executive with experience in Washington and elsewhere in and around government. We trust that her experience t will translate well into the role of NY DFS's lead regulator. These days regulators across the country differ in their approaches to the role; some reach very far in activist approaches, others sustain what predecessors and precedent has created rather conservatively. We believe that somewhere in the middle lies virtue - a beautiful balance. Regulating the industries under DFS is much larger than just the focus upon insurance. That fact was emphasized in the document we have re-produced in this issue outlining our outlining Ms. Harris's goals. Health insurance is a big part of it. There are some social issues which find their way into the planks, a practice that seems to be becoming de rigeur, whether fitting or not. Although it is sometime stretch to include trendy modern platform issues in the matter of regulation, let's see how that plays out in this case. We have been privileged to know many past regulators in New York personally and have found that the succession has been strong and has stayed within the parameters of reasonableness and fairness that have made the states regulatory system so rich and so...

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