Adoption Records Handbook: Locate Your Birth Family Legally and Creatively!(Book review)

AuthorCanfield, Christine

Work Title: Adoption Records Handbook: Locate Your Birth Family Legally and Creatively!

Work Author(s): Teresa Brown

Crary Publications

Softcover $14.95 (136pp)


ISBN: 9780974343860

Reviewer: Christine Canfield

It is estimated that one in ten Americans is adopted. At various points in their lives, these adoptees may decide to try to find information about their birth families, but the road to reunion is rough. Many adoption records are sealed, and it can be difficult to gain access to them. Even if records are obtained, birth families may have moved and birth mothers may have new married names. Deciding how to begin the search can be an overwhelming task in itself. As a search tool, this handbook is indispensable. Brown has experience on all sides of the adoption triad: her parents adopted her sister, and she herself is a "first mother" now reunited with her child. She is also a retired paralegal, giving her the background needed to help families navigate the legal hurdles involved in a search. Written in a straightforward manner, Brown's book is meant to help members of the adoption triad get the job done as inexpensively as possible. She gives step-by-step instructions for requesting an original birth certificate, including templates for the...

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