Administrative Office of the United States Courts



One Columbus Circle NE., Washington, DC 20544

Phone, 202-502-2600

Director Leonidas Ralph Mecham

Deputy Director (vacancy)

Associate Director, Management and Operations Clarence A. (Pete) Lee, Jr.

Deputy Associate Director Cathy A. McCarthy

Audit Officer Jeffery J. Larioni

Management, Planning and Assesment Cathy A. McCarthy


Associate Director and General Counsel William R. Burchill, Jr.

Deputy General Counsel Robert K. Loesche

Assistant Director, Office of Judicial Karen K. Siegel

Conference Executive Secretariat

Deputy Assistant Director Wendy Jennis

Assistant Director, Office of Legislative Michael W. Blommer


Deputy Assistant Director Daniel A. Cunningham

Assistant Director, Office of Public Affairs David A. Sellers

Public Information Officer Karen E. Redmond

Assistant Director, Office of Court Noel J. Augustyn

Administration and Defender Services

Deputy Assistant Director for Court Glen K. Palman


Chief, Appellate Court and Circuit John P. Hehman

Administration Division

Chief, Bankruptcy Court Glen K. Palman

Administration Division

Chief, Court Administration Policy Abel J. Mattos


Chief, Defender Services Division Theodore J. Lidz

Chief, District Court Administration Robert Lowney


Chief, Electronic Public Access Mary M. Stickney

Program Office

Assistant Director, Office of Facilities and Ross Eisenman


Deputy Assistant Director William J. Lehman

Chief, Court Security Office Dennis P. Chapas

Chief, Judiciary Emergency William J. Lehman

Preparedness Office

Chief, Security and Facilities Susan J. Hayes

Policy Staff

Chief, Space and Facilities Division Rodgers A. Stewart

Assistant Director, Office of Finance and Budget George H. Schafer

Deputy Assistant Director Gregory D. Cummings

Chief, Accounting and Financial Philip L. McKinney

Systems Division

Chief, Budget Division Bruce E. Johnson

Financial Liaison Officer Penny Jacobs Fleming

Assistant Director, Office of Human Resources R. Townsend Robinson, and Statistics Acting

Deputy Assistant Director R. Townsend Robinson

Chief, Employee Relations Office Trudi M. Morrison

Chief, Human Resources Division Charlotte G. Peddicord

Chief, Judiciary Benefits Program Lee Horvath


Chief, Program and Workforce Maurice E. White

Development Division

Chief, Staffing Requirements and Beverly J. Bone

Analysis Office

Chief, Statistics Division Steven R. Schlesinger

Assistant Director, Office of Information Melvin J. Bryson


Deputy Assistant Director Barbara C. Macken

Chief Technology Officer Richard D. Fennell

Chief, Case Management/Electronic Gary L. Bockweg

Case Files Project Office

Chief, Information Technology Wendy Lageman

Applications Development Office

Chief, Information Technology Craig W. Jenkins

Infrastructure Management Division

Chief, Information Technology Policy Terry A. Cain


Chief, Information Technology Frank D. Dozier, Project Coordination Office...

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