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Dale Carlson (author), Carol Nicklaus (illustrator), Hannah Carlson (author); ADDICTION; Bick Publishing House (Young Adult) $14.95 ISBN: 9781884158353

Addiction is a scary, grown-up topic. People obsessed with drugs, alcohol, or gambling can lose their jobs, their homes, or even their livesaand even for adults, thatas terrifying. In Addiction: The Brain Disease, authors Dale and Hannah Carlson have written about this very serious subject specifically for young people.

The authors first define addiction, and include not only substance abuse, but also behavioral addictions such as shopping, binge eating, and gambling. A particularly interesting chapter addresses the dangers inherent in an exaggerated sense of self-importance and the drive to obtain and defend resources. This drive is a vestige of a time when scarcity was the norm and can make it difficult, in modern times, to understand the concept of aenough.a A need for more than enough

leads to addiction.

A number of self-assessment tools are provided for addiction problems and a variety of psychological conditions that can lead to abusive behavior. Short stories illustrate examples of specific behaviors and their consequences. A series of ink drawings, though simple in design, do a marvelous job of capturing the desperation and fear that surrounds addiction. A dictionary of related terms and lists of resources for help...

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