Addendum: U.S. and Canadian Dissertations, 2006.


The following dissertations were omitted from the June 2007 issue of The Art Bulletin (vol. LXXXIX, no. 2).

Dissertations in Progress by Subject

Art of the United States

GLESMANN, AMANDA, "The Artistic House: Photographing Domestic Space in Late Nineteenth-Century America" (Stanford, B. Wolf)

MADSEN, ANNELISE, "Retro Spectacle: Allegory as Culture, Play, and Politics in American Art and Life, 1890-1917" (Stanford, W. Corn)

WITT, SUSAN POWELL, "The Gendered Language of War: Visual Rhetoric and Cultural Power in Civil War America" (Stanford, B. Wolf)

YAMAMORI, YUMIKO, "A. A. Vantine and Company: Japanese Handcrafts for the American Consumer, 1895-1920" (Bard Graduate Center, K. Ames, A. Ogata)

Chinese Art

LO, HUI-CHI, "From Prince to Emperor: Aixinjueluo Yinzhen's (1678-1735) Political Deployment of Art in Early Qing Dynasty China" (Stanford, R. Vinograd)

NAGANO, NAOMI, "Functions and Receptions of the Imperial Group Portrait Paintings Produced at the Eighteenth Century Qianlong Court" (Stanford, R. Vinograd)

WHITEMAN, STEPHEN H., "Creating the Kangxi Landscape: Gardens and the Mediation of Imperial Identity at Bishu Shanzhuang" (Stanford, R. Vinograd)

YAO, ERICA, "Systems of Display at the Qing Dynasty Court: Visualizing Political Authority in Eighteenth-Century China" (Stanford, R. Vinograd)

Contemporary Art

RAPP, KAREN M., "'Not the Romantic West': Site-Specific Art, Globalization, and Contemporary Landscapes" (Stanford, P. Lee)

VAZQUEZ, EDWARD, "Aspects: The Art of Fred Sandback" (Stanford, P. Lee)

Critical Theory/Gender Studies/Visual Studies

MADSEN, ANNELISE, "Retro Spectacle: Allegory as Culture, Play, and Politics in American Art and Life, 1890-1917" (Stanford, W. Corn)

Decorative Arts/Textiles/Design History

FINAMORE, MICHELLE TOLINI, "Fashioning Early Cinema: Dress and Representation in American Film, 1910-1930" (Bard Graduate Center, P. Kirkham)

FISHER, ELLEN, "Mary McFadden, Fashion Designer" (Bard Graduate Center, P. Kirkham, M. Majer)

HANNAH, CAROLINE, "Between Art, Craft, and Design: Henry Varnum Poor and the Making of the Modern American Artist" (Bard Graduate Center, P. Kirkham)

LANIER, JESSICA, "The Grand Tours of Martha Coffin Derby: Travel, Collecting, and the Promotion of Culture in the Early Republic" (Bard Graduate Center, K. Ames)

LICHTMAN, SARAH, "From Basement to Bandstand: The Private and Public Places of the American Teenager, 1945-1965" (Bard Graduate Center, P. Kirkham)

SCHMIDT BACH, DEBRA, "Silver in Antebellum...

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