Adams implements Seco's efforts to STEP up the education curve.

Author:Alpern, Peter


Julian Adams

Manager of technical marketing services

Seco Tools Inc.

Troy, MI


Age: 39


B.S. mechanical engineering, University of Birmingham, Birmingham, England


Applications engineer, PCA developer 1994-2002, Seko UK Project Engineer for Group Marketing Projects, 2002-2006, Seko AB

Making impact:

Adams oversees support for Seco products, including the training for its technical education program, STEP

Trend to watch:

"Rather than recruit people that have a lot of experience, we're getting much younger people with no experience and spending the next five to 10 years shaping them--we believe that's the future for us as a business. It's no longer good for us just to provide the product. We need to give a lot more knowledge and application along with it."


"My real hobby, before I came to America, was renovating old buildings. I mean real old ones: like 400-year-old buildings. That's difficult to find here in the United States. For now, I stick to the golf course and playing with the children."

Currently reading:

"The Greatest Game Ever Played," by Mark Frost. "The Dangerous Book For Boys," by Conn and Hal Iggulden

One of the primary challenges being faced by companies today is applying new technologies with machining strategies.

It is for this reason that the Seco Technical Education Program (STEP) was launched, with an eye toward bridging the gap between technology and the pace of development. One of the chief architects of that vision was Julian Adams, who has discarded the use of more traditional classroom settings for more hands-on training.

"Typically, engineers learn not by sitting in a lecture environment, but by...

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