Activity Schedules for Children with Autism.

Position:Book review

Lynn E. McClannahan, Ph.D. (author), Patricia J. Krantz, Ph.D. (author); ACTIVITY SCHEDULES FOR CHILDREN WITH AUTISM; Woodbine House (Education) $0.00 ISBN: 9781606130032

Autistic children are often developmentally delayed with little interest in either familial or peer-to-peer relationships. They can also be prone to angry and even violent behavior when routines are interrupted and change is introduced. Anyone who has spent time with an autistic child understands that helping him or her to learn and develop into a productive member of the family and community is a daunting challenge. In [i]Activity Schedules for Children with Autism[i], Lynn McClannahan, PhD, and Patricia Krantz, PhD, present the activity schedule, aa set of pictures or words that cues someone to engage in a sequence of activities,a as a promising teaching method for autistic children.

Activity schedules can vary widely in appearance, though they are often a page or pages held in a photo album or a three-ring binder. Each page contains a picture or description of a specific activity on a plain background. When possible, pictures should be arranged to show how the item in the picture is used. For example, ayou might photograph a five-piece puzzle with four pieces, and the fifth beside the puzzle." Whether play or chores, activities should reflect the skills and interests of the child. The last item in a schedule should be a snack or an activity that the child particularly enjoys.

Children must have certain basic skills in order to use activity schedules, and the book begins with an explanation of how to help a child gain those skills. Once this is...

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