Active Enterprise Management.

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ABC Technologies is the leading provider of activity-based analytic management software for measuring and improving an organization's financial performance. ABC Technologies has more than 4,300 software installations in 73 countries. Commercial installations include Nokia, Motorola, Compaq, Cargill, Nestle, Kimberly-Clark, Pillsbury, Sprint, Nordstrom, Fidelity Investments and Deutsche Bank. Public-sector installations include the U.S. Army, the U.S. Marine Corps, Canadian National Defense, UN Development Programme and many state and municipal government entities worldwide.


Through the Active Enterprise Management (AEM[TM]) methodology, Oros[R] applications provide integrated activity-based cost modeling, value chain analysis, scorecarding/performance measurement and planning capabilities. Managers can continuously analyze, communicate and track their organization's status, revising strategies and actively maintaining alignment throughout the entire organization and its value chain.

Active Enterprise Management transforms activity-based data into meaningful strategic, operational and tactical information. Managers can analyze business processes from diverse sources -- including customers, suppliers and internal data warehouses -- to unlock valuable intelligence. They can them achieve: cost management and cost-to-serve analysis: profitability enhancement (analysis by customer, product and channel); shared-service pricing and analysis; resource planning; increased value chain efficiency; business process planning and re-engineering; and alignment of strategic objectives with organizational activities.

Oros applications provide consistent foundational models aligning and communicating all metrics across the enterprise.

Software Applications:

Oros[R] ABC/M -- Act with accurate knowledge of the true costs of products, services, activities and business processes.

Oros[R] Resource Planning -- Plan resource requirements by predicting the financial impact of various scenarios before implementation.

Oros[R] Value Chain Analysis/Modeler (VCA/M) -- Analyze supply and demand influences in your value chain. Identify cost and profit improvement opportunities to eliminate costs or change...

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