Actions Speak Louder Than Words.

Author:Jones, Sandy

Sadly, it appears that Kroger, like Winco, is not taking into consideration how many local, independently owned businesses they are impacting with this decision. ("Don't Lose Local News" Campaign Urges Kroger to Keep Weekly Papers in Stores," Web Exclusive) We had an independent publisher s meeting three weeks ago--and between the five publishers that were able to attend, we represented more than 325 local businesses who advertise with us. Many of these business owners and their employees shop these stores--they are their customers, not to mention all our readers who will be forced to go to other locations to pick us up. Will they take their shopping dollars with them? Corporations like Kroger and Winco both claim to be community minded but it seems their actions speak louder than their words. As publishers, we've paid to rent this space, we haven't been asking for a handout--we have...

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