ACTEGA Metal Print GmbH has announced that the German print specialist, Kolbe-Coloco Spezialdruck GmbH, is the world's first beta customer for its sustainable and cost-effective metalization technology, EcoLeaf. Focusing on high-end applications, the company will use the new product to print profit driving metalization embellishments onto self-adhesive labels for a broad variety of markets.

The company cites the eradication of foil and its sustainability advantages as key decisions for using the product.

Based in Versmold, only a 1.5 hour drive from ACTEGA in Lehrte, Kolbe-Coloco is part of the 550 people Hamburg-based printing group, H.O.Persiehl. The EcoLeaf operator training and unit installation on the company's highly specified, all-servo 12-color press, with a combination of offset, flexo and screen all inline Gallus RCS, began in early March 2020.

"Our business is focused on print services that create a greater connection between a brand and the consumer to ultimately aid sales. We do that by employing some of the best print technologies on the market, and EcoLeaf is a perfect example of this," explains Michael Leon, managing director, Kolbe-Coloco.

"Eradicating foil is a huge and incredibly important milestone in our industry, and this technology looks poised to support that. For this reason, we have no doubt that our customers will embrace EcoLeaf with open arms, but we also know that they will...

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