Ackroyd, Peter. The Clerksenwell Tales.

Author:Davis, Tim
Position:Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

ACKROYD, Peter. The Clerksenwell Tales. Random House, Anchor. 213p. c2004. 1-4000-75955. $13.95. A

Peter Ackroyd's splendid novel uses Chaucer's Canterbury Tales as the frame for an erudite tale of 14th-century political and religious intrigues in England. Using many of Chaucer's pilgrims as characters, with a few others thrown in to make it all even more convoluted and interesting, Ackroyd adroitly weaves an intricate plot. With each chapter, he offers readers the perspective of yet another character. Through these characters we learn that conspiracies of unimaginable complexity and profound implications abound in merry old England. King Richard II, his supporters, and supporters of the Church are gravely endangered by any number of clandestine, mysterious powers moving through the darkly dangerous medieval streets of London.

Full of wonderful imagery--pungently, disturbingly, and staggeringly vivid--The Clerkenwell Tales is a suspense-filled tale overflowing with amazing details and provocative themes. In...

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