The editors wish to thank the many people who made this book possible.
First and foremost, we thank the ABA Forum on the Construction Industry for
its enthusiastic and unwavering support. The Forum was founded to provide
opportunities for construction lawyers to contribute to the profession by offer-
ing a wide range of educational opportunities to the construction bar, includ-
ing programs, journals, and books. This book is consistent with this mission.
It was a long time in the making. The original idea for this project came from
William Allensworth and other members of the “Professors Committee” of the
American College of Construction Lawyers, who discussed the need for a com-
prehensive construction law textbook that was based on the development cycle
of a construction project and was readily adaptable for use in the classroom.
Responding to these discussions, Fred Wilshusen, the Chair of the Forum’s
Publications Committee, assembled a committee, consisting of himself, Adrian
Bastianelli, and Robert Beaumont to explore the idea. They decided to put
together a team to respond to this demand. William Allensworth was tapped to
lead this effort as editor of the book, and he was soon joined by Ross Altman
and Allen Overcash, and eventually by me as well.
The leadership of the Forum embraced this idea as an opportunity to
advance the educational opportunities available for law students and other
aspiring construction professionals. We especially appreciate the support we
have received from Adrian Bastianelli, who initially championed the project as
a member of the original subcommittee, then as Chair of the Forum’s Publica-
tions Committee and Chair-Elect. Mark Heley, Fred’s successor as Chair of the
Publications Committee, continued to promote this project. We also appreci-
ate the support we have received from Andrew Ness, the 2008–2009 Chair of
the Publications Committee, and from a series of Forum chairs including John
Heisse, Doug Oles, Ty Laurie, Mike Tarullo and Robert MacPherson.

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