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About the Author
Nicholas C. Yost is a Partner at Dentons US LLP in San Francisco, Ca lifornia,
from which he directs the rm’s practice of environmental and natural resources
law with a focus on the National Environmental Policy Ac t (NEPA). His prac-
tice includes counseling clients on environmental leadership and compliance with
state and federal environmental laws, obtaining permits and authorizations, litiga-
tion, and representing clients before federal a nd state a gencies on environmental
matters. Mr. Yost was General Counsel of the Counsel on Environmental Quality
from 1977 until 1981, where he had lead responsibility for the development and
drafting of NEPA’s implementing regulations. He has also served in the California
Department of Justice, forming and heading t he Environmental Section, as a pri-
vate interest lawyer, as a visiting scholar at the Environmental Law Institute, and as a private practitioner in
Washington, D.C. Mr. Yost holds an L.L.B. from the School of L aw, University of California at Berkeley
(Boalt Hall), and an A.B. from Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International
Aairs. He has chaired the Standing Committee on Environmental Law of the American Ba r Association
and the Committee on the Environment of the California State Bar, and has a lso co-chaired t he Environ-
ment, Energy, and Natural Resources Section of the District of Columbia Bar. In 2010, he received t he
ABA’s Award for Distinguished Achievement in Environmental L aw and Policy.
e author wishes to acknowledge t he contributions of James W. Rubin and Sarah R atclie Choi, both
with Dentons, and Kathleen Boergers, to earlier versions of this Deskbook, a nd that of Jessica Duggan,
who assisted with the current appendices.

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