AuthorCharles M. Haar/Michael Allan Wolf
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We would like to thank Wade Berryhill, Joel Eisen, and Jerold Kayden, who with sage counsel
have long served as sounding boards for our ideas. Hundreds of law students at the University
of Florida, the University of Miami, and the University of Richmond have used manuscript ver-
sions of this casebook over the past few years, and we appreciate their insightful feedback. Andrea
Becker, Tara Nelson, and Steve Wernick took the lead among the many students who provided
excellent research assistance. We are pleased to single out Tom Potter for his careful attention to
essential details—grand and minute. e University of Florida Levin College of Law provided
generous research support, for which Michael Allan Wolf is most grateful. Professor Haar would
like to thank the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey, for generously making
their facilities available. Suzanne Keller and Betty Morganstern Wolf contributed to this and other
eorts in ways too numerous to mention, so a simple, heartfelt “thank you” will have to suce.
Finally, we wish to thank Scott Schang, Vice President, Publications and Associates, at the Envi-
ronmental Law Institute (ELI), for his help in publishing this casebook; Carolyn Fischer, former
ELI Books Editor, for her editorial expertise; and Rachel Jean-Baptiste, Managing Editor, Environ-
mental Law Reporter, for seeing clearly the forest and the trees.

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