AuthorJeffrey G. Miller/Ann Powers/Nancy Long Elder/Karl S. Coplan
is casebook is derived from our long experience teaching Pace Law
School’s signature Environmental Skills and Practice course. While it is
not possible to mention here all of t he talented students who contributed to
the volume’s development over the last 25 years, special note must be made
of the work of those who helped prepare the manuscript for publication.
Jay Simpson L.L.M. 2007, Chris Crane 2006, Sam Brown 20 07, and Dan
Yohannes 2005 worked long and hard not only at editing drafts but keeping
us organized. ey were ably assisted by, among others, Erin Flanagan 2006,
LisaMcWhirter 2007, Sarah Olinger 2007, and Nicolette Witcher 2005. For
the second edition, Nicholas Cur tiss-Rowlands 2012, Angela Bransteitter
2014, and Andrea Rodericks 2015 gave invaluable suggestions for improve-
ments and tracked down recent developments. ese students all built on
work of students before them, among whom Andy Provence 1998 deserves
special mention. And we cannot say enough kind words about the skilled
work of our incomparable faculty assistant Leslie Crincoli. To all of them,
we are deeply grateful.

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