AuthorLawrence R. Liebesman/Rafe Petersen
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is second edition of the Endangered Species
Deskbook builds on the hard work and dedication
of attorneys a nd professional sta from Holland
& Knight oces that helped make the rst edi-
tion, published in 2003, a reality. ese individu-
als spent many hours researching and writing to
ensure both the completeness and t he accurac y of
the nal product.
Kim Walker, a Holland & Knight legal intern,
provided the initial research and writing on a num-
ber of sections while nishing her studies at George
Mason University Law School. Clay Henderson,
from Holland & Knight's Orlando, Florida, oce,
was instr umental in the preparation of t he section
on the consultation process under §7 of the Endan-
gered Species Act (ESA), drawing on his many
years of experience as an environmental profes-
sional. Michelle Hickey of Holland & Knight's Los
Angeles, California, oce drew upon her exten-
sive experience in representing Native Americans
on environmental issues in drafting the section on
ESA and Indian lands. Don Clary, formerly of Hol-
land & Knight's Los Angeles, California, oce,
contributed to the section on t he takings of prop-
erty under the Fifth A mendment. Dennis Hughes
of Holland & Knight’s Washington, D.C., oce
relied upon his vast knowledge of land use law in
drafting the section on federal and state relation-
ships under the ESA. Stuart Turner, formerly of the
rm’s Washington, D.C., oce, provided invalu-
able research and writing assistance for several sec-
tions, and specically the section on international
aspects of the E SA. Ethan Arenson, formerly of
the rm's Washington, D.C., oce, contributed to
the sections on ESA enforcement and on experi-
mental populations and provided excellent edito-
rial assistance. Stacy Silber of Holland & Knight's
Bethesda, Maryland, oce was the primary author
of the section dealing with incidental take permit-
ting and habitat conservation plans. In addition,
during the summer of 2002, Holland & Knight
interns Ezekial Kau fman and Brien Perm provided
excellent research assistance regarding the sections
on §7 consultation and the international aspects
of the ESA. Consuelo Hernandez, a Vermont Law
School student intern, helped with research and
writing, especially in the "takings" section. Profs.
J.B. Ruhl of Florida State University Law School
and Jonathan Deason of the George Washington
University's School of Engineering and Applied
Science provided important peer review comments.
e second edition of the ESA Deskbook expands
and updates a number of signicant developments
since the rst ed ition. Special thanks go to Steve
Kelton, formerly of Holland & K night's Washing-
ton, D.C., oce, who provided overall research
and editing help and to partner Elizabeth Lake
and former associate Peter Landreth of Holla nd
& Knight's San Francisco oce, who authored the
chapter on Climate Change and the ESA. Holland
& Knight Partner David Verhey, formerly U.S.
Department of the Interior (DOI) Associate Solici-
tor and Deputy Assistant DOI Secretary, provided
excellent guidance on background material for the
Deskbook. We also w ish to thank former Holland
Knight intern Joanna B. Wymyslo and Vermont
Law School intern Jason Kaplan for their invalu-
able help in researching and updating the new
developments in ESA law since 2003. Our special
thanks go to Scott Scha ng, Editor-in-Chief of the
Environmental Law Reporter, and the publications
team at the Environmental Law Institute for their
great guida nce and ha rd work in making this sec-
ond edition a reality.
We hope and trust that this ES A Deskbook will
be a useful tool for all who are involved with this
very important and ever-changing law that will con-
tinue to have a profound impact on man's responsi-
bilities to protect the world’s natural heritage.
Lawrence R. Liebesman a nd Rafe Petersen

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