AuthorRobin Kundis Craig
Many people have participated in the creation and completion of this book,
making it a much better work than it might otherwise have been. In roughly
chronological order, they include:
Paul Leoni, who spent countless hours as my research assistant at the West-
ern New England College School of Law assembling a complete set of the
legislative history of the Federal Water Pollution Control Act and the Clean
Water Act.
John Turner, who e-mailed the fateful question: “Hey, have you ever thought
about writing a book?”
Tara Storey, my research assistant at the Indiana University School of Law,
Indianapolis, who found, assembled, and organized the federal cases discussing
the numerous constitutional doctrines that this book covers.
Dean Norman Lefstein and Dean Tony Tarr, as well as the Indiana University
School of Law Research Committee, who collectively approved two summer
research grants that supported my work on this book.
Dean Tony Tarr, Associate Dean Susanah Mead, and Profs. Ken Chestek,
Paul Cox, Kenneth Crews, Jennifer Drobac, Frank Emmert, Nicholas Georga-
kopoulos, Helen Grant, Jeffrey Grove, John Hill, Henry Karlson, Linda Kelly,
Andrew Klein, Norm Lefstein, Maria Lopez, Gerard Magliocca, Antony Page,
Florence Roisman, Joel Schumm, James Torke, and Lawrence Wilkins of the
Indiana University School of Law, who attended the Faculty Colloquium in
which I presented the overall argument of this book, and who sharpened my
reasoning throughout this book with their insightful comments, particularly
respecting the book’s conclusion.
Dean Tony Tarr, Associate Dean Susanah Mead, and Profs. Daniel Cole,
Florence Roisman, and George Wright, who cooperated to allow me a research
leave in spring 2004 so that I could f‌inish the manuscript.
Profs. Daniel Cole and Andrew Klein at the Indiana University School of
Law and Prof. J.B. Ruhl at the Florida State University College of Law, whose
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