AuthorRandall S. Abate
is book reects the dedication and enthusiasm of many special people. e
book would not have been possible without the outstanding chapters and
indispensable insights and support from the contributing authors in this vol-
ume. e chapters contain detailed and thoughtful ana lysis on cutting-edge
issues from both established and rising scholars and practitioners in envi-
ronmental law and animal law who work in a wide range of settings includ-
ing academia , private practice, government agencies, and nongovernmental
organizations. e editor is grateful to have had the privilege of working with
such a remarkable team on this book project.
Volunteer re search assistants from the United States and abroad pro-
vided essential assistance throughout the book manuscript assembly and
review process. Volunteer research assistants who provided outstanding
and substantial assistance above a nd beyond the call of duty were attor-
neys Eliz abeth Bu, Rachel Berardinel li, Divya Pil lai, Natasha B elisle, and
Karina Valencia, a nd students Emily Wajert, Jess Be aulieu, Teodora Sid-
erova, Denise Car tolano, Inna K aminer, Kat Mahoney, Spencer Durden,
and Christine Clolinger.
Several other volunteer research assistants who provided valuable a ssis-
tance were attorneys Ashley Richardson, Claribel Gonzalez, Zsea Beau-
monis, Ava Azad, Nadia Kazmi, Charlotte Hughes, u Pham, and Anjali
Sareen, and students Christine Donovan, Hal ley Simpson, A lyssa Myers,
Katie Shepardson, Cindy Campbell, Seema Shah, Anna Massoglia, and
Cara Ra fanelli.
Finally, the editor is grateful to his wife, Nigara, for her invaluable patience
and support, and his faculty assistant, Celia Westbrook, for her assistance in
coordinating the assembly of the nal manuscript of this book and for her
enthusiastic support of animal and environmental law and policy advocacy.

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