AuthorArnold W. Reitze, Jr.
Page xxiii
is treatise is based on my experience teaching,
writing and practicing a ir pollution for more than
forty years. It represents my views on t his subject
in mid-2009. In produci ng this text I have been
assisted by many people who have worked on the
mechanics producing this book or have helped
shape my views on air pollution law. For more
than two decades, Ms. Winifred Hercules, legal
secretar y, worked on the air pollution materials
that became books on air pollution. Ms. Germaine
Leahy, Head of Reference at t he George Washing-
ton Universit y L aw School supported my eorts.
At the University of Utah, Ms. Angela Turnbow
and Ms. Suza nne Faddis helped nish the man-
uscript. I a m indebted to my many outstanding
research assistants over the past 40 years. I also
am indebted to the practicing lawyers who have
helped educate me on air pollution. ey include
Julie Becker, David Deal. Ste wart Drake, Lee
Homan, Carol Holmes, Debra Jacobson, Edward
Kussy, Michael McBride, Raymond Mushal, and
many others. I am especially indebted to Andrew
J. Ha rrison, Jr., who continuously c hallenges my
knowledge of air pollution law, to my collea gue
at the University of Utah Law School James Holt-
kamp, and to Margaret and Michael Stern who
generously share t heir many decades of experience
in the electrical power eld.
—Prof. Arnold W. Reitze, Jr.

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