AuthorJeffrey A. Brimer
As the editor of this second edition of the Franchise Law Compliance Manual, I
would like to recognize the numerous individuals who contributed to both the
first and second editions of the Manual. Without their efforts, neither edition of
the Manual would have been possible. First, let me recognize Steven M. Goldman
and Bret Lowell, who served as editors for the first edition of the Manual. They
set the bar high and produced one of the most widely used publications in the
Forum’s history. The following persons served as authors of the second edition of
the Manual, some of whom also served as authors for the first edition (as noted
by the asterisk following their names):
Chapter 1: William A. Finkelstein* and Sherin Sakr
Chapter 2: Leslie D. Curran, Mark B. Forseth,* and Karen Spencer
Chapter 3: Brian H. Cole, John M. Richardson, Andra J. Terrell, and
Sandra J. Wall
Chapter 4: Victoria Blackwell and Andrew C. Selden*
Chapter 5: James A. Goniea and Jeffery S. Haff
Chapter 6: Kevin P. Hein and Ted P. Pearce
Chapter 7: Robert A. Lauer and Alison C. McElroy
I would also like to recognize Jamila B. Granger, who was our liaison to the
Publications Committee of the Forum, and Andrew Scott and Deborah Coleman,
who served as Publications Officers of the Forum while this book was being writ-
ten. Each of them helped keep us on task and provided valuable insight and
advice in connection with the development of the chapters. Of course, this book
would have never happened without the hard work of Sarah Orwig and Denise
Eichhorn and the rest of the ABA Publications Staff and Kelly Rodenberg, the
Director of the Forum on Franchising.
I would also like to personally thank Mike Maciszewski and Brian Schnall,
associates with Faegre & Benson, LLP, and Carrie Hale, my assistant at Faegre &
Benson, who provided significant help in connection with proofreading, citation
checking, and assistance with all of the other minute details that were necessary
to publish this book. Finally, I would like to thank the Franchise and Distribution
Group at Faegre & Benson, who provided encouragement and guidance through-
out the process of developing and editing the Manual.
Jeffrey A. Brimer
Editor, Second Edition
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