Among members of the Book Publishing Board of the ABA’s Section of Environ-
ment, Energy, and Resources, this type of book is known as a “multi-author chap-
ter book.” On its face, that term discloses that most of the “heavy lifting” for this
book was provided by the chapter authors, not the editors who asked them to
contribute. We appreciate that each of the authors devoted a significant amount
of time to this effort, even when the demands on their time for client work, teach-
ing, and family may have been in conflict. Each of the chapters also received valu-
able peer review, often by other members of the Book Publishing Board (or their
co-workers). We thank the peer reviewers for their valuable contributions.
What is less apparent from the term “multi-author chapter book” is how diffi-
cult it is to align approximately 20 authors on approximately the same schedule,
to avoid substantive duplication across chapters, and to achieve reasonable con-
sistencies of tone and format. For her invaluable assistance in this task, we wish
to thank Margrethe Kearney, a member of the ABA’s Book Publishing Board and
attorney with the Environmental Law & Policy Center.
Separately, we would like to thank our partners at Latham & Watkins LLP, who
offered their encouragement and agreed to write two chapters of the book. Cary
Perlman, a partner in Latham’s Chicago office and the editor of the first edition of
this book, was particularly helpful in teaching us the editing “rules of the road.”
We are fortunate to have practiced environmental law at a firm where there is so
much expertise to draw upon, and where people are so gracious about sharing
their time.
On a personal level, Andrea Hogan thanks her mother, Judy (a former English
teacher), for teaching her how to write, and more importantly, how to edit. She
also thanks her husband, Spencer, and her children, Anderson and Sydney, for
their extreme tolerance and understanding of her schedule and commitments,
in particular for “fun” work, like editing this book. Kegan Brown thanks his par-
ents, Kathleen and Andrew, for their instillment of a series of life lessons that have
proved both true and invaluable over the years. In addition, he thanks his wife,
Maryellen, and his three boys, Owen, Everett, and Collin, for their unwavering sup-
port in his professional endeavors, even when, to their chagrin, it has resulted in
some Sunday mornings without chocolate chip pancakes.
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