AuthorDennis J. Wall
I would like to begin these Acknowledgments by conveying my grateful
thanks for the assistance of Anne Dalton, Esquire, of Fort Myers, Florida;
James A. Edwards, Esquire, now a judge on Florida’s Fifth District Court of
Appeal; Dorothy Fleming Green, Esquire, of Orlando, Florida, and Profes-
sor Jay Tidmarsh of the University of Notre Dame School of Law, each of
whom read parts of the manuscript and whose comments and suggestions
were uniformly helpful and signicant. If there are any drawbacks to the
book that resulted, it is my responsibility alone.
Next, I would like to thank all the people who offered insights into areas
of the law that I otherwise did not feel I knew well enough at the time to
write about, but who have taught me by sharing their experiences, especially
John K. DiMugno Jr., Esquire, of California who is the editor of numerous
legal periodicals and the author or coauthor of several law books, includ-
ing Catastrophe Claims: Insurance Coverage for Natural and Man-Made
Disasters (Thomson Reuters West), and California Tort Reporter. Thomas
Barrows, a former regional insurance claims manager and now retired to
Raleigh, North Carolina; Larry Hill, Esquire, of Pensacola, Florida; and
Neal Blaher, Esquire, and Brian Wilson, Esquire, both practicing attorneys
in Orlando, are among those who also shared their experiences in areas to
which my own experiences did not extend at the time they benetted me
with their insights. In a similar way, Professor Jay Feinman, a Distinguished
Professor of Rutgers Law School, allowed me to pick his brain about the
publishing process, which was invaluable to me.
I contacted many lawyers involved in lender force-placed insurance liti-
gation. Although a relative few responded to my inquiries, I understood
why the majority of them did not respond due to the potential for sanctions
and other bad things that might happen to them if someone accused them
of breaking their condential secrecy stipulations. I thank all those who
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