AuthorStuart H Deming; Truman K Butler; Vivian Robinson
I should like to acknowledge the help and expertise provided by my co-
authors, Stuart and Truman, with whom it has been a real pleasure to work
on this project.
I have also on occasion been assisted by reference to two books on
the subject, namely T B A : A P G by Eoin
O’Shea (Jordan Publishing Limited 2011) and L  H 
B by Richard Lissack and Fiona Horlick (LexisNexis 2011).
Vivian Robinson
This joint effort has been a remarkably pleasant experience working
with Vivian and Truman, two extremely able and thoughtful colleagues.
We very much appreciate the support in this endeavor of the American
Bar Association’s (‘ABA’) Section of International Law and ABA Publishing
and their capable staffs. We similarly appreciate being able to draw upon
my previous book: T F C P A   N
I N (ABA Publishing 2010).
Stuart H. Deming
Throughout this effort, we have beneted from the time and assistance of
many members of our family, friends and professional colleagues. Primary
among those who provided invaluable support and assistance to me are
my wife Fredericka, kids Tahlia, Talya and Taryn—my sources of inspira-
tion. My family in Bahamas, Mother Mildred, Brother Gareld and Sister
Sharmaine for dutifully tolerating my absence for extended periods.
Chanel Rowe, Jessica Battle and Derrick Raphael, who kept me focused
with numerous points to consider on international anti-corruption enforce-
ment. My employer Wells Fargo Law Department and colleagues on the
(ASA) Anti-Money Laundering, Global Sanctions and Anti-Corruption team
provided support that motivated me to continue.
FCPAUKBriberyAct_02-Appendix-BM.indd 137 7/18/19 10:17 AM

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