AuthorDavid W. Tollen
Thank you to my wife, Wendy Pagett-Tollen. Thanks also to Mani
Adeli, Paul Ambrosio, Marc Bernstein, Jay Botelho, Lee Bruno,
Michael C. Carlson, Ralph Chandler, Guy Clarke, H. Ward Classen,
Christopher B. Conner, Matteo Daste, Gary S. Davis, Mark K. Dick-
son, Karen Masterson Dienst, R. Oak Dowling, Roxanna Friedrich,
Frederick Gault Jr., Kim David Greenwood, Jennifer Hanley, Michael
A. Jacobs, Nels Johnson, John M. Keagy, Michael F. Kelleher, Cecilia
Toman Mangoba, Alex Mann, Heather Meeker, Nathaniel D. McKit-
terick, Denise Olrich, Kathy O’Sullivan, Jay Parkhill, Martin Plack,
Penelope A. Preovolos, Robert A. Preskill, Deborah Pulido, Mark
F. Radcliffe, Ian A. Rambarran, Michelle M. Reichert, Aaron P. Sil-
berman, Ken Stratton, Robert W. Tollen, Larry Townsend, Richard
Vestuto, and Amy Ward. Finally, thank you to my excellent research
assistant, Josh L. Young.

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