AuthorDennis Kennedy - Tom Mighell
Any book, but especially a book about collaboration, is the
result of the work, influence, and, indeed, collaboration of
many people. We want to acknowledge the many people who
have taught us, mentored us, worked with us, and written
with us over the years. Each played a part in helping us reach
a point where we could give this book life. We want to single
out for special thanks our friends and colleagues in the legal
technology and legal blogging communities.
The first edition of this book arose from the persistence
and confidence of Bev Loder, who told us we had a book
inside us that needed to be written, and we are grateful to her
for pushing us toward this project. We also want to thank the
ABA Law Practice Division’s Publishing Board and publishing
team for all their efforts, especially Allison Shields. Molly Mon-
tanaro and her team at Lachina Publishing Services made the
copyediting and production process easy and painless. And
a big thank you to Dave Ries for all his great work as project
manager on this second edition.
Dennis wants to acknowledge his parents, Dale and
the late Evelyn Kennedy, for their example of how to work
together with others and how helping others brings its own
rewards. The book would not be possible without his wife, Col-
leen, and daughter and future author, Grace, whose love and
inspiration make all things possible. Grace also helped with
editing and proofreading the page proofs. Dennis appreciates
their patience and tolerance with the time and energy that he
had to take from them to put into this book.

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