AuthorW. Patrick Cantrell
The author acknowledges the generous support of a number of individuals
who contributed their talent and insight for no compensation. Foremost of
these is the late Professor Samuel W. Chisholm of the Texas Tech University
College of Business Administration. Professor Chisholm opened my eyes to
the world of tax law more than four decades ago and propelled my career into
a direction that I have never regretted.
Heartfelt thanks go to my family: my wife, Carol, and daughters Emily
and Rebecca. Their support and encouragement kept me going through many
tedious hours of research.
To the many dedicated tax professionals I had the privilege to know inside
the government: you know who you are and there are too many to name. You
all had an impact on my career and my life.
A special debt of gratitude is owed to my colleague and friend Melanie D.
Bragg. An accomplished author and attorney in her own right, she first sug-
gested ABA Book Publishing as the way to get this work published.
And finally, to the editors at ABA Book Publishing, many thanks for
your helpful suggested modifications to the manuscript. They were greatly

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