AuthorMichael Sanford Stone
ProfessionB.A. from Hamilton College and a J.D. from Emory University School of Law
Many people helped me with this book along the way, some I
have known for many of years and some whom I spoke to
for the rst time. I received a great deal of expert adv ice, research,
and insights, as well as encouragement, from colleagues and
friends. I want to thank every one of them for their generosity
and hope I haven’t le anyone out. e help came from people
inside and outside the licensing industry and many of the incred-
ible people at the agency that I cofounded and of which I now serve
as Chairman, e Beanstalk Group.
First, many thanks to Bruce Wexler, who edited each chapter
as I wrote it and frequently edited my rewrites. He pushed and
prodded me and kept me on track. I am grateful for his insights
and guidance. And to John Palmer, my editor at Ankerw ycke, who
read the outline for this book and recognized that it was a topic
that deser ved attention.
Next, I want to thank the many professionals, some in the
licensing industry and some in related elds, who were kind
enough to give me time to speak wit h and interview t hem. eir
expertise was invaluable and, i ndeed, greatly enriched this journey
for me. In alphabetical order they are Roger Berman, President,

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