Acknowledgments (1992)

Author:Leonard W. Levy, Kenneth L. Karst

We are grateful to our authors as well as to the members of the Editorial Board. We acknowledge with utmost appreciation the support given to this project by the Earhart Foundation, by The Claremont Graduate School and University Center and its officers, President John D. Maguire, former Vice- President Jerome Spanier, and especially former Vice-President Christopher Oberg. Three graduate students of The Claremont Graduate School served, indispensably, as editorial assistants: Mary Bellamy, Dana Whaley, and Jeffrey Schultz. The Macmillan Reference Division, headed by Philip Friedman, his editor in chief, Elly Dickason, and Senior Project Editor Martha Goldstein have done extraordinarily well and generously by us, earning our appreciation.

As before, the grandchildren of the senior editors assisted not a whit, but we...

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