2002-2003 accomplishments--really good news!(Message from President Harold F. Krieger, Jr.) (National Society of Accountants)

Author:Kreiger, Harold F., Jr.

Teamwork definitely made the dream work during my year as NSA President. I was very privileged to have a first-rate leadership team that worked together for the benefit of our members. The result was a win-win situation for everyone a cohesive board that works as a team, secure finances, positive growth in membership and increased recognition and respect for NSA and its members throughout the U.S.

Team building really paid off--for all of us. Emails (mostly negative and thus a big time-waster when I first took office) have been sharply reduced--perhaps by as much as 75 percent because we are all working together and are on the same page. On the other hand, positive communication has been greatly enhanced. During my term as President, I spoke with or emailed EVP Ams at least once a day and held monthly conference calls with all the officers. I appointed ad hoc committees composed of the governors; the result was that the governors became more knowledgeable and more involved in the overall affairs of NSA. I built NSA leadership using the same management techniques I used in my company. To get the best out of people, you have to be kind, be complimentary and be firm. You have to trust your people and they have to trust their leadership.

Here are some selected NSA accomplishments which should make all of us proud:

This fiscal year, NSA membership will show outstanding growth--the decline in membership is over. More than 1,500 new members joined NSA and 90% of our existing members have renewed their membership. NSA launched a new category of membership--firm membership. And I personally enrolled eight new firm members.

NSA continued to seek out services and offer benefits and discounts to help our members in their practices. The 2003 Income and Fees Survey, published in early March, contains 139 pages of tables including, for the first time, a salary and compensation survey. We created a more visually appealing, easier to navigate Find a Professional directory on the NSA website. Members can change their free listing on site and add their company logo or another photo. NSA members now receive discounts on customized Web sites that are easy to use and filled with tax and accounting information. The UPS discount has been expanded. We offer NSA members discounts on various tax software and self-study CDs as well as on all CPE courses in the Surgent catalog. NSA members get a special discount to attend the IRS Tax Forums--thanks to our participation...

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