Accelya Kale launches REVERA[umlaut] NEXT, the enhanced version of its Revenue Accounting solution REVERA.


New York (AirGuideBusiness - Business & Industry Features) - Fri, Dec 6, 2013

REVERA NEXT promises to take Airline Revenue Accounting to the NEXT level. Mumbai, 5 December 2013 - In a bid to help airline Revenue Accounting teams step up their game and take on a more strategic role within the organisation, Accelya Kale Solutions Limited, part of the Accelya Group - a leading provider of airline financial and business intelligence solutions to the airline industry, has launched REVERA[umlaut] NEXT. REVERA NEXT builds on AccelyaOs robust and proven REVERA platform, to provide airlines with the capabilities to move to the NEXT level [ETH] across passenger, cargo and airmail. OREVERA NEXT sets new standards in Speed & Accuracy of revenue processing in the industry. Revenue Accounting teams can now state their revenues within 24 hours with at least 99% accuracy. It provides not only real-time information but also actionable and relevant MIS to all Revenue Accounting stakeholders, driving strategic decisions,O said Mr. Philip Fernandes, EVP [ETH] Revenue Accounting Practice, Accelya Kale Solutions. About REVERA[umlaut] NEXT REVERA NEXT is built to take airline Revenue Accounting function to the NEXT level. It leverages enhanced workflows and real-time processing to speed up revenue declaration. A built-in operational and accounting controls framework ensures compliance to risk management standards. REVERA NEXT enables Revenue Accounting teams to provide strategic MIS to all its stakeholders, which is relevant, actionable and in real-time. It also integrates with AccelyaOs EverestAir* platform to provide data analytical and forecasting capabilities. With its easy to use interface, REVERA NEXT works smoothly on all touch-friendly devices. REVERA NEXT is available on...

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