Acceleration of Domestic Processing and Refining Instruction

AuthorWilliam A. Sullivan/Christian Teo Purwono & Partners
ProfessionLicensed Foreign Advocate in Indonesia as well as a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of New South Wales
Acceleration of Domestic Processing
and Rening Instruction
I. Executive Summary
1. Overview
The Acceleration of Increase of Value Added Minerals Through Domestic
Processing and Rening Instruction was issued with legal effect from Feb-
ruary 13, 2013 (hereinafter referred to as PI 3/2013).
2. Approach
2.1 The President has instructed the relevant Ministers, Governors, and
Regents/Mayors to take the necessary steps required, in a coordinated
and integrated manner, to facilitate the realization of domestic pro-
cessing and rening.
2.2 The required new policies and road map, for the realization of
domestic processing and rening, are to be available within six
months; that is, by not later than July 31, 2013.
3. Assessment
3.1 The good intentions of the GoI, in issuing PI 3/2013, may be
wholeheartedly acknowledged and no one could seriously doubt the
need for much greater policy co-ordination in the area of domestic
processing and rening. Notwithstanding these good intentions and
the undeniable policy coordination imperative, however, PI 3/2013 is
simply far too little, far too late in terms of making domestic proces-
sing and rening a reality in January 2014 or soon thereafter. In this
regard, any number of legitimate concerns re PI 3/2013 may be raised.
3.2 As domestic processing and rening, starting in January 2014, has
been contemplated since 2009 one must ask why it is that GoI

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