ACA health care accreditation.


Save Time * Save Money * Gain National Recognition

For more than 125 years, the American Correctional Association has championed the cause of correctional effectiveness because we in corrections have a responsibility to protect from harm those who are involuntarily placed under our care and control. ACA has worked with every type of correctional facility to meet constitutional requirements and compliance with standards.

Why accredit your health services with ACA?

* One-stop Shopping. Agencies seeking accreditation can now accredit both their facility and health care program. This not only saves time but money. ACA appreciates the fact that corrections is facing budget constraints and has limited resources to accomplish all the challenges facing corrections today.

* Performance Based. ACA has spent the past several years updating and revising health care standards to better meet the needs of the corrections community. Performance-based standards have the unique ability to identify strengths and weaknesses in health care delivery. By supplying predetermined outcome measures, the ACA health care standards give correctional leadership the information needed to make the tough decisions they face every day. Once in place, continuous data collection allows agencies to evaluate the effectiveness of their health care program over time.

* Savings to You. Agencies seeking accreditation for both their facility and their health care program can save considerably when compared with what they would normally pay for a separate health care accreditation by an independent organization. When accrediting the facility and health care program, both audits are completed together, saving facility staff time and energy...

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