Absolutely Small.

Position:Book review

Michael D. Fayer (author); ABSOLUTELY SMALL; AMACOM Books (Science) $24.00 ISBN: 9780814414880

Everything most of us think we know about how nature works is wrong.

In fact, the traditional or aclassica mechanical explanations for why objects behave the way they do are fundamentally incorrect. Only with an understanding of quantum mechanics can the basic nature of all things, from the most massive black hole to the tiniest subatomic particle, be truly understood.

Until around 1900, our everyday world was readily explained by the properties of physics developed since the time of the ancient Greeks and refined by such intellectual giants as Galileo and Newton. After all, the ways objects in motion behave and interact can be readily determined by observation and experimentation. Even today, to be sure, classical mechanics continues to be accurate enough to predict the most mundane eventsasuch as the path a baseball will take when hit by a bat at a certain angleaor even the vastly complex, like the precise orbit a distant planet transcribes around its sun. Engineers still use classical mechanics to build bridges and skyscrapers, and classical mechanics took us to the moon and back.

And yet, classical mechanics is not sufficient to explain the true functioning of nature. Only with an understanding of quantum mechanicsathat is, the properties of subatomic particles which comprise all...

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