Abrahamson withdraws from 3 cases.

Byline: Erika Strebel, erika.strebel@wislawjournal.com

Long-time Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Shirley Abrahamson has suddenly withdrawn from participating in three cases.

At the beginning of the high court's oral arguments on Monday morning, Chief Justice Pat Roggensack said that Abrahamson would not be present and had withdrawn from all three of the cases scheduled for argument before the court.

Those cases were Ann Catau v. National Insurance Services of Wisconsin Inc., John Teske v. Wisconsin Mutual Insurance Co. and State v. Jessica Randall.

Abrahamson withdrew from the three cases Monday morning and did not withdraw from any other cases, said a staff member who answered the phone at Abrahamson's office Monday. The staff member declined to say why Abrahamson decided to withdraw from the cases.

Abrahamson could not immediately be reached for comment.

Abrahamson announced in May that she would not be seeking...

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