From an article on the sixteenth President, written by journalist, author, and attorney Fred L. Holmes, in the February 1920 issue of La Follete's Magazine (which became The Progressive in 1929). Two years later, the Lincoln Memorial was completed and dedicated in Washington, D.C.

If Abraham Lincoln were to return to the United States today, he would quickly identify himself with the great body of progressives.

Looking down through the centuries, he saw the great issues which were to confront the people. No man of the century has had a clearer vision. No man has offered a better solution to these latter day problems. Reforms always come from the common people-of times oppressed-and those who represent them. The aristocratic and wealthy classes only urge changes which will result in greater opportunities to plunder and pillage the masses. Lincoln spoke for the plain people.

With the cycle sweep of years, men are becoming better acquainted with Lincoln's homely ideals. Born of the people, sinew of the people, he stands as the truly great representative of progressive popular government. His battle under purgatorial fire against the evils of slavery, his undying devotion to the Union, have so haloed and over-shadowed his other views that the public mind thinks of but...

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