Above All: Mount Whitney and California's Highest Peaks.

AuthorEdmunds, Robin Farrell
PositionBook review

Work Title: Above All: Mount Whitney and California's Highest Peaks

Work Author(s): Steve Roper and David Stark Wilson, photographer

Heyday Books

Hardcover $35.00 (144pp)


ISBN: 9781597141079

Reviewer: Robin Farrell Edmunds

After naturalist John Muir ascended the tallest mountain in the continental United States, he wrote, "Well-seasoned limbs will enjoy the climb of 9,000 feet required by this direct route. But soft, succulent people should go the mule way." Muir had climbed California's Mount Whitney on its more difficult eastern face. He's one of several mountaineers whose adventures among the Sierra Nevada's fifteen Fourteeners---those mountains measuring 14,000 feet and above---are recounted here by Roper, a climber himself who has written several books about these mountains since the early 1960s. His first person narrative of the early hearty souls who conquered Whitney and three other peaks is tucked between Wilson's exhilarating photographs. Wilson, a photographer for almost thirty years, is also a native of the area who climbed the mountains in his younger years and only recently returned to the pastime, "when I found a rope in my pack and a willing partner in my son." The majority of the sixty-five photos are spread across two large pages, and Wilson captures many striking views at sunrise after hiking out and spending the night. In several...

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