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See What's Happening on Detroiter Online

Free Classified Listings

Market your products and services to other Chamber members on Detroiter Online. The new Web site, still in its beta phase, allows users to advertise various services to offer, products to sell, job openings and discounts to the community - all for free!


Post Your News

Registered users can post news releases and submit articles on a variety of topics of interest to the business community. The immediate benefit is prime real estate on the home page, under the "Just Posted" section. This is a great way to get instant exposure for clients! Posted material will also be considered for use in the printed magazine.

See for yourself at www.detroiteronline.com.

Fun with the eDetroiter

If you're like us, you're tired of dry business news that's more stuffy than your sinuses during allergy season. The eDetroiter is the Chamber's weekly e-newsletter that keeps you up-to-date on everything happening at the Chamber, in the region and with other members in a fun and humorous style. A big leap from your typical e-news snoozer.

Members can submit articles, write editorials and do all sorts of other sweet stuff to get involved and interact with other members. Editor Steve Poole's snarky style will keep you laughing on what would have been an otherwise bland Monday. Come on, everybody's doing it. Sign up today at www.detroiteronline.com.


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